What Are Their Advantages To People With Walking Difficulties?

Mobility aids are devices used commonly by people around the world. They help person with disabilities enjoy greater freedom and independence.

Generally mobility aids benefits people that have moving problems, injuries, or elderly people who can’t walk on their own. These mobility equipment can be anything from assistive canes to advance electric scooters to increase the levels of mobility available for a person.

There are many major advantages of mobility aids, particularly those that assist a person while walking.

Prevents people from falling

In seniors, it’s very common to have difficulties keeping their balance when they stand up. If such conditions do not cause unnecessary discomfort, mobility aids such as a cane, walker or a roller may be of tremendous help in retaining the support and keep them from falling.

Improves stability

Mobility aids not only facilitates movement, they are also useful in improving the stability by providing additional points of contact. Mobility equipment helps shifting the centre of gravity towards them which ultimately assists a person in regaining a smooth movement where there was once incoordination.

Promotes self confidence and independence

When someone with disability can do their chores without the need of another person’s assistance, its gives them the confidence they don’t have to rely on others. The mobility aid can give them the privacy they want when they need to use the washroom or take a shower. In fact, having a mobility aid can make them feel they don’t have to be dependent on others. When they can do various things on their own, they can feel independent and stay in a better mood all day long.

Reduce the strain on legs

People with complications like arthritis and other similar conditions commonly experience a natural strain on the legs. These people find it difficult to walk even on a short distance due to the tension in their leg muscles. But with the help of walking aids load can be evenly dispersed to the arms and back, hence reducing the additional strain on the legs.

Easy To Use

These days you can find mobility aids that are created using state-of-the-art technology and comes with functions that are specifically built to help the elderly use them every time. That said, there are many elderly people unwilling to use mobility aids, but if you tell them about their significance and importance, it won’t be a problem any more

What Are The Five Major Types Of Mobility Aids?

Mobility Aids are indispensible devices, assisting people who find difficulties moving independently due to injury, physical disability or old age. They allow a person with mobility limitations to walk without experiencing pain or fatigue.

There a number of mobility aids available in the market and is necessary to know them if you need to purchase one for yourself.

Thankfully, in this post we put together some of the major types of walking assistance for people having mobility issues.

  1. Canes

When we reach our seventies, our balance begins to fail and a cane can help with stability while minimizing leg pain.

Canes are the most common and typical form of walking aid that a senior would possibly be using. It is a simple and convenient tool that is easy to carry around and help people balance their weight and avoid falling on the ground.

  1. Crutches

Crutches help remove the weight from the knees and move it to the upper body. They are commonly used in pairs by the elderly, however they are generally much more obstructive, tedious and hard to use than standard canes.

Crutches are more useful for short-term injuries such as a leg injury. But people who are comfortable using them can consider them as a walking assistance device for long term use.

  1. Walkers

Walkers are mobility aids made of metal and ideal for non-weight bearing injuries. They have four legs which makes them very strong to hold the weight of the patient.

They are convenient for people who have limited abilities but don’t have the strength to use a cane. Walkers are required to be lifted a few inches up to the ground and put ahead to make a step.

  1. Wheel Chairs

Wheel chairs are most suitable for people who cannot walk at all. They can be either pushed by the person sitting in it or by another person, if the patient isn’t able to able to do it himself.

However, there are electronic wheelchairs available which can be easily moved independently with the help of simple controls.

  1. Mobility Scooters

Though they are similar to wheelchairs, mobility scooters are bulkier machines, designed to be used on outdoors. These machines have handlebars or steering wheels to control direction and footplates to rest the feet.

Mobility scooters are not walking assistance devices but a walking replacement device. In fact, they are often considered as the second best thing to a motorbike for the physically impaired.

The 5 Benefits Of Using Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters have brought a lot of ease in lives of people with mobility issues. In fact, they have transformed they way they live their lives.

A mobility scooter is somewhat similar to a wheelchair in function but since it’s motorized it’s much easier to use for any mobility-challenged individual. It gives them renewed independence when walking independently has become a challenge.

If you are an elderly person who finds difficulty walking alone or someone who has walking disability, you need to check these five top benefits of using a mobility scooter.

  1. Increase accessibility

Modern day mobility scooters suit the ever changing way people socialize.  This equipment makes a lot easy for such people to travel to public places and socialize. In addition, with shopping centers and public areas continually enhancing connectivity, getting to these kinds of locations is becoming much easier for people with disabilities by using a mobility scooter.

  1. Makes daily tasks easier

Performing daily activities become much harder with a decrease in mobility. It makes it challenging for you to perform many things independently like going out to buy groceries, paying bills, and more. With the help of a mobility scooter you can carry out these activities yourself, without the need of taking anyone’s assistance.

  1. Cheap to use and charge

Unlike motor vehicles, mobility vehicles run on batteries that can be charged whenever required. This means the only cost you will need to bear is charging them regularly. Further, they don’t require any regular services and parts maintenance like oil change, filter replacement, etc. All in all, they can be very cheap to use, unless you don’t operate them as instructed.

  1. Comfortable and easy to operate

Mobility scooters are designed keeping the users comfort in mind. They offer good leg room, comfortable seating and back support. They are also designed to be operated by users without any assistance. This also helps people to perform different tasks without sacrificing their comfort. Also, they assist people not to get tired easily, which subsequently encourage them to be independent.

  1. Prevents Injury

Trips and falls for people are very common in people suffering from mobility issues. Using mobility equipment like a scooter definitely helps reduce the risk of falling. And with the functionality to take you almost anywhere you need, without getting on your feet, it saves you from getting any injuries.


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