Customer Policies/Responsibilities

Scooters are rented out upon availability. We will accommodate as best we can, but we do not guarantee specific models, only weight capacity.

Equipment is delivered in a time frame window only. Times are from 8:30 am – 10:30am or noon – 3pm

Keep scooter fully charged. Do not operate in rain, wet areas or surfaces such as mud, etc… Customer will be held responsible for any damages incurred due to operation in such conditions or any other damages while being rented by customer.

Have wheelchair/scooter rental available and accessible for pick up by 10am on return date. Rentals returned later will be assessed a daily rental fee of the equipment rented up to the retail cost of equipment). Customer will be billed for any equipment lost or not returned.

Equipment is charged/tested before delivery. Because of the nature of rental equipment, we are not always immediately aware of other issues that may arise during rental. Please notify company immediately with any problems or concerns in regards to scooter/wheelchair. No refunds after rentals are completed.

Return equipment in check out condition. All cancellations are given a full refund up to 7 days (one week) before arrival. Any cancellations inside of one week prior to rental will be assessed a $25.00 cancellation fee or 25% of total charge (for 1 day rentals).

Charge time, Battery Life, Distance, Speed. Recommended charge time for scooters are at least until the charger indicator light turns green. (Charge time could take 8 hrs… charging is recommended daily overnight. Batteries should never fully discharge). If you will be stationary for a long period of time, it is recommended (but not necessary) that you plug in to top off charge if possible. Speed goes up to 5mph with a 40 inch turning radius. There are different factors that will affect battery life such as: weight, (extra baggage on scooter), speed, and condition (smooth or terrain). When fully charged properly, scooter operates at an estimated distance of 3-10 miles. Remember, batteries read actual capacity or available power left on scooter meter while operating (driving), not while idle or at start up.


If you run into trouble with operating your scooter or are unable to get it to operate, here are some quick tips to get you rolling:

*check charger connection to be sure it is disconnected from scooter before operating.

*make sure battery is fully charged daily (battery meter reading is determined while operating scooter in forward engagement and not only when turned on) 

*check the drive/neutral lever at the bottom rear of scooter (scooter will not operate with lever in neutral/freewheel position) make sure lever is in drive and turn key off then back on.

* if scooter stops suddenly  and displays no power, turn unit off and press the white reset button which is located underneath the seat on the black battery box


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